Exceptional length, thickness and volume as never seen before!

The One by Seiseta utilizes a unique manufacturing feature known as “Double Drawn” stranding.

  • The hair is all the same length, thick and full, from top to bottom.
Both Stylists and their Clients will love this Revolutionary new extension!
  • No More Thin, tapered ends. Thick and Full… from top to bottom.
THE ONE is available in 3 applications:
  • Keratin Fusion
  • Tape-in
  • Volume Wefts
THE ONE is available in 2 Lengths:
  • 18.5 inches
  • 22.5 inches


SEISETA® combines over 40 years of experience, tradition and innovation in hair extensions manufacturing.
SEISETA® Hair Extensions are handmade in Italy.

Black 1B. Black
Dark Brown 2. Dark Brown
Brown 4. Brown
Light brown 6. Light brown
Natural dark blond 8. Natural dark blond
Dark blond ash 10. Dark blond ash
Gold blond copper 12. Gold blond copper
Light golden blond copper 14. Light golden blond copper
Mahogany brown 32. Mahogany brown
Deep red 35. Deep red
Ash blond 24. Ash blond
Ultra light blond 20. Ultra light blond
Golden light blond DB2. Golden light blond
Dark golden blond DB4. Dark golden blond
Platinum blond 1001. Platinum blond
Very light ash blond 1002. Very Light Ash Blond
Ultra light golden platinum blond 1003. Ultra light golden platinum blond
Ultra light platinum blond 1004. Ultra light platinum blond
Nordic platinum blond 1005. Nordic platinum blond
Silver 1006. Silver